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Boltek StormTracker Data

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Wide Area Storm Probe 2 (WASP2) image


This is a Wide Area Storm Probe 2 (WASP2) image. WASP2 is a real-time data viewer and analyzer intended for monitoring lightning activity captured by a StrikeStar Lightning Locator network. The point sources providing this data to StrikeStar are StormTracker and LD250 lightning detectors manufactured by the Boltek Corporation.

  NOTE:  Do not use this data for the protection of life or property!  Ranging may be inaccurate- especially at night and as storms   move near the sensor.  Lightning data updates automatically every minute.
Some Very Important Lightning Facts......
  • If you can see it or hear it, lightning can hit you. Find shelter now.
  • Lightning is the No. 2 weather killer in the US (behind floods).
  • Every 5 seconds between flash and boom is a mile's distance from you.
  • Under ideal conditions, lightning's thunder can be heard 12 miles away.
  • Lightning is really no wider than a few inches.
  • All thunderstorms produce lightning.
These images are not to be used for protection of life and property!